Heres to a successful 2017!

Hollinger Print Norwich

Mark HollingerAs we start a new year we always do so with the backdrop of the year that has gone before, and wow what a year 2016 was! From Brexit, to a new Prime Minister, sporting successes and Mr T’s presidential victory, 2016 has certainly bucked the trend in so many ways.

A natural tendency can often be to round down and think the worst. Post Brexit I think many people were wondering if the sun would rise the next day. Yet with all the challenges and uncertainty our economy was the strongest performing in the second half of 2016. Like most businesses, we’ve certainly experienced our share of those over the last year, but are delighted to have finished 2016 strong and on the front foot going into the new year!

We’ve made some significant investments over the last year and have some really exciting products and initiatives to share with you over the coming months. We’re always changing and adapting, that’s pretty much the nature of our industry and the environment we’re in. 2017 will definitely be a year of change, positive change, as we stand up to the challenges and embrace the fantastic opportunities ahead of us!

Looking back at 2016, if a 5000 to 1 team can win the premiership, Brexit can happen against most considered opinion, and Donald Trump can become president anything is possible in 2017!

Have an outstanding year!

Mark Hollinger
Managing Director
Hollinger Print