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It’s not litho printing, and it’s not conventional digital printing, it’s between the two technologies, embracing the best of both. So, digital print in terms of run lengths and versatility, anything from one copy upwards, but it’s litho print in regards to quality. Instead of using powder-based toner like conventional digital, it uses liquid inks that give the litho like finish, meaning smoother tones, sharper images and richer colours.

There is no digital printing technology that can match it for quality, and even with litho, which is known as the very best, it is a match for quality and more than a match on many stocks! The printing press uses liquid inks, rather than toner like all other digital presses, giving it that litho look and feel.

Producing anything from business cards, and flyers, to booklets and high end corporate brochures, it prints in conventional CMYK, but has additional colour stations to broaden its colour capabilities and produce the widest spectrum of colours available. It also prints in white ink on coloured stocks.

If you would like to see any samples or find out how this new technology could help you, please get in contact with us.

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