Think with ink

Hollinger Print Norwich

Whether it’s a daily journal you might keep, making notes of ideas and opportunities, or just your shopping list at Tescos – write it down. It’s the old saying, what gets written down, gets done!

We’re all so dependent on digital technology nowadays, our iPhones, iPads, Macs, that sometimes we can get things slightly out of sync. Now I’m not knocking technology, I’m a big fan (and as you see, an Apple fan!). I’ve got a notes app where I’ve got lots of different notes within different categories, whether it’s personal / family, or business. It just gives me a system for getting things down and remembering, which is invaluable to me.

But when you really need to get things down and get creative, there’s nothing like a pen and paper. You can just brain dump, cross things out, doodle, scribble and just the simple fact that you’re writing it down, is going to help you get it done!

We recently printed a batch of Hollinger note pads, they’re iPad size, between A5 and A4 and I find them brilliant (surprisingly!). They have proved very popular whenever we’ve given them out. I keep one and use it until every page is full. I then date it and keep it for reference for a few months, just in case.

If you would like one of our complimentary note pads, just send us an email to They’re subtly branded so you won’t be a walking, talking, note taking Hollinger advertisement! Happy writing!